Kelli Richards

Kelli Richards

Kelli Richards is a Toronto-born, Montreal-based interior designer with a strong conviction that everyone should live in a beautiful space. To find out more, visit

Trend Talk: Versatile Spaces

Multi-functional spaces are a huge trend on the rise heading into 2015. As real estate prices climb and home sizes decrease in order to make living more affordable, our spaces have had to adjust to fulfill multiple purposes....

Let Vintage Pieces Tell the Story of YOU

Lately, I have become obsessed with vintage pieces. Be it furniture, sculptures, lamps or other interesting finds, if it speaks to me in some way, I have to have it — even if it means not buying the latest design trends due...

Coastal Chic Living

Coastal Chic Living

Who wouldn’t love to live on a beautiful beachfront property? Well, just because your home does not come with a view of the water does not mean that you can’t make it feel beach-y.

Summer Living: Shedding the Old

Summer Living: Shedding the Old

    Summer has arrived, bringing fabulous weather and the opportunity for a new beginning. One way to embrace the changes and sense of lightness that comes with this season is by simply editing the things you have in your home, or...

Fresh Dining Room Trends

    Eating is just a part of life. We love food and to spend time cooking and preparing the perfect meal, so why not put just as much effort into creating the perfect dining space? To give you...

Fresh Bedroom Ideas

It is never a bad idea to update your bedroom. This is one area that often gets snubbed when redecorating, even though we spend a considerable amount of time sleeping in this space. Why not create a fresh haven to...

10 Ways to Freshen up for Spring in Style

While it may seem like the cold is here to stay, spring is really just around the corner. If you need a little boost out of the winter blues to start thinking spring, try these simple decorating tips...

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